Spring has sprung and so have garage sales. I call this time of year “the purge” season, when we take everything that reminds us of fall and winter (dark colors, heavy materials) and replace it with light and bright. And if your husband is anything like mine, your budget is what you “collect” at your first of many garage sales. Why do they call it “spring cleaning”? It should really be called “spring improving”, because that’s when most of us see the flaws (or what we think are flaws) as we clean our homes getting ready for the warmer months. I sometimes think that our “eye” for detail is a curse, especially since we notice every scuff, chip, crack and peel from the front door to the doggy door. The silver lining is that not all remodels are expensive. I mean I’m not talking about renovating changing counter-tops, removing/adding cabinets etc(that’s next week). This is just a transition from one season to the next. Even better, what if you are wanting to sell your home? Home improvements help increase the curb appeal and market value of your home. So let’s get down to it.

Fresh Coat of Paint~

Painting does wonders. A fresh coat in the right color can completely transform a room. If you’re planning to sell your home, go with lighter colors and neutral tones. This will brighten up rooms and allow buyers to better envision living in the space.

Make Your Yard Presentable~

Landscaping is so important to a buyers’ first impressions of your home. If your yard is overgrown or not aesthetically pleasing, future buyers envision themselves having to do the work (or pay someone) and quickly move on to the next property. Remember we live in the Sunshine State, New Jersey is the Garden State. Take good care of your lawn and mow it regularly while your home is on the market. Spend some time pulling the weeds and trim your hedges/bushes. Lastly, a new layer of mulch will make your yard look clean and fresh.

Replace Fixtures and Accessories~

Sometimes fixtures and accessories can make a home feel dated. It can be worthwhile to replace things like light fixtures and cabinet knobs. Window treatments are another important element. Although curtains are not typically included in the sale of a home, it can shape a buyer’s impression of a property, especially if the curtains are older or are very eccentric in style. Going with neutral curtains, or in some cases blinds, may be better.

These home improvements do not need to cost a lot compared to their potential return. It will be amazing how the look, feel, and utility of your home can quickly change with just a few inexpensive projects this Spring. Now if your improvements are specific to selling your home, get some advice from us at Yarbrough Properties. We understand what buyers are looking for and can help you make the right decisions on where to spend your limited time and budget.

And most importantly have fun transforming your home. This can be an exciting new chapter for you and your family.

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” ~ Confucius

Until next week……………….