Happy Spring everyone! Spring is the promise of “NEW”. New foliage sprouting on the trees, new flowers budding in the garden and new veggies and fruits getting ready to be harvested. Spring is also a promise of “Change”. Changing our homes, fresh paint, updates and a minor tweak here and there. This is also a time when people are preparing to put their homes on the market. Now I know, everyone thinks their home is worth top dollar. And you should think that way, it shows you have pride of ownership, and that you have taken care of the place that you purchased after you were married, raised your family, and celebrated every family event (you had to have the largest home) since before you and your better half ever had your first child. There are some things to consider though….. Also remember what you love about your home, others might not. I know, I know, there is nothing wrong with that glass mosaic you and your daughter made during the “Martha Stewart every project is easy era”, but not everyone is as skilled as you are in the area of art. I mean come on, clearly that cemented hodge podge of colored glass that know one dares to question when they come to visit is a mermaid swimming in the ocean! But once again, I digress. As long as you are willing to not take it personally then we are all set to tell you what features buyers are willing to pay top dollar. After doing some research I found out what people are really willing to spend extra $ for in terms of what they want to find in a home.

So here we go……….

Location – This is the number 1 must have with all home buyers. Let’s be realistic, location is everything. Not just schools, but family, friends and convenience. According to USA Today, a person can find the perfect house with everything that they want and more, but if it is not in the right location they will not look at the home.

Kitchen- I think we all can agree that it is worth to pay a little extra for an updated kitchen, then having to go through the hassle of a remodel. And besides hasn’t the kitchen become the central/gathering point in our world today? This would also include kitchen island, granite countertops, eat in space, and stainless steel appliances. But, have you seen the new black stainless appliances?? Yowza is all I can say…

Fireplace – Yes even here in sunny Florida, there are homes with fireplaces. They are considered to be cozy and lots of people can picture themselves and their family members curled up around one playing on their devices. Imagine a Norman Rockwell painting, (except with no devices) and you get the picture.

Walk in Closets and ensuite Master Bath – Over 40% of people say that this is a must and are willing to pay up to over $2,000.00 over for this. I understand the walk in closet, you never can have too much storage, but do you really need a bathroom large enough to hold a football team? One word, PRIVACY.

I will mention that people are also willing to pay for central air conditioning, but in Florida isn’t that like placing an order at McDonald’s and the cashier asking, “Do you want fries with that?” I mean really, you only ordered the cheeseburger to get the fries. It’s a given!

Last but soon to be first on every buyers must have is a Smart Home. We already have a car that can drive itself. The studies show that over anything else, people (not just buyers) want Smart technology in their homes. As many as 61% of millennials would favor smart tech homes and 59% of parents would take a home with smart technologies if they have children living in the home (According to the Chicago Tribune). (If smart technology can get my daughter to brush her teeth and take a bath without a scene from “Streetcar Named Desire” then i’m SOLD!) And now Appraisers are acknowledging smart technology homes and pricing them accordingly. I think Smart technology will be the next granite counter-top. Bottom line is that we know what people want and what they like. The old adage is true, and not just “Due unto others”, but also “Put yourself into a buyer’s shoes.” Would you pay top dollar for a house that is not updated, has stains on the carpet, or missing molding? I think we already know the answer to the question. So, if you’re in the market to buy a home, or just wanting to know what your home could possibly sell for, we here at Yarbrough Properties are more than happy to answer any of your real estate questions and are here for all of your real estate needs.